Bicester Village Luxury Haul – Valentino & Gucci

I’ve always wanted to go to Bicester Village, so as part of my 30th birthday celebrations we decided to drive the 250 miles south to spend the day there! I had an idea of what I wanted and managed to find them in Gucci and Valentino. If you haven’t already, check out my video reveal.

I’ve been wanting a designer belt for the longest time but never found The One. The Gucci GG Marmont belts are still very popular at the moment but I wanted something different, so I was over the moon when I saw this reversible version with the 1973 interlocking G buckle. You can’t argue with two belts for the price of one! And I managed to pick it up for Β£115 which I think is an absolute steal.

I’ve been testing out a very cheap pair of all-white trainers from Primark for a few months now. I wanted to see how much I would wear them before deciding to buy something similar from a designer. We looked in every store at Bicester Village for a pair I liked and the only place that had some was Valentino.

I tried these on early in the day but didn’t want to commit too soon. The store assistant told us they were the only size 5 left and that another customer also had their eyes on them. I decided to leave it, look around the rest of the Village and if they were still there when I went back, it was meant to be!

We went back a few hours later and to my delight, there they were. I tried them on for a second time and loved them even more! I paid Β£290.

Since doing some research online, I’ve found out these are actually from the men’s range – that explains why they only had one small size left in stock! They are called the “Garavani Fly Crew” low-top trainers. I love them so much, they are exactly what I had in mind – something quite simple and subtle, but with the added edge of the rockstud details.

My next step is to protect them with a really good leather spray. I’ve never owned a pair of designer trainers before, and because they are completely white, I want to make sure I keep them in pristine condition for as long as I can! If you have any recommendations please let me know.

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